What to Wear Wednesday |Spring Family Part 1 | 3.15.2017

Another frequently asked question, "What should we wear?" 

This one is super hard for me to answer, because everyone's style, dynamics, home decor and budget are DRASTICALLY different, but I do know what photographs well together and what's best for each season. So please take my suggestions as that, suggestions.

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There is no reason to purchase a new outfit for every person. There is usually at least one piece a family member loves and is comfortable in that you can work around. This saves you some dough AND they usually LOVE it and will be happier at the session in a piece they already own and love!

I'll share two similar looks from two prices points, so you have options. These could also be interchanged with each other. But I'm a one stop and shop gal and honestly Old Navy is my jam. My kids love it and I know their sizes, SO EASY! Old Navy is also fantastic at coordinating outfits across the board. They really are a one stop, shop for photo sessions. My kinda place!

Family of 6- dad, mom, elementary girl, teen boy, teen girl, toddler girl


Black floral is THE TREND. I found it on every clothing website. Although most people probably don't associate it with spring, it was everywhere and I think the florals they pair with it are VERY spring and totally work. If you're more of a dress girl, they have the same pattern in a dress!

Family of 4- mom, dad, toddler boy, elementary girl



Not as bright, but still bringing in tons of color. Blues are great for bright green spring days and that yellow is to DIE FOR! Zara has some expensive pieces and some super reasonable. Their quality is unbeatable though! The clothes will last forever!

Take these exactly as they are, or just base your colors off of them. Coordinating and not matching is ideal and leads to a cohesive family portrait! 

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I'll be back next week with more subdued colors for your spring session! 




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