Finding words for this section is always intimidating. Because my work really isn't about me, it's about you. I'm positive that God imprinted this gift on my heart to share with you. Capturing the big and super small moments of your life is important. If not for today, for your family for years to come. And for me, that is such a gift.


  • Born and raised in Sioux City, Iowa, I have now called Omaha, NE home for 19 years.

  • Jesus. The promise of salvation. His overflowing grace, and my beautiful Catholic faith are my every day constants.

  • I spend my days loving my imperfectly perfect little family. My husband and three littles. Being a mom is my favorite thing.

  • I would like to live in a world of perpetual Fall. Let me know when you find it!

  • I have a scar right through my right eyebrow. Makes for a wonky eyebrow!

  • I love chocolate. Like a lot.

  • My first Currently obsessively playing Ben Rector and Devin Dawson.

  • If you can't find us, we're most likely at the library or the bookstore #booknerds

  • I didn't drink coffee or wine until after my third child. I've also never loved naps so much.

  • Laughter. I love to hear it, give it and capture it. Joy is my favorite thing to capture.


Watching kids grow. Their eye color change. Their hair turn curly. The way their chubby little belly becomes this tall and skinny little human. The way the three year old wouldn't even look at his new baby sister and now 6 months later can't keep his hands off her, he loves her so. The way mom and dad laugh at how ridiculously crazy their life is and how happy they are. Family. Capture it.

When I get to capture the first moments of your relationship. The way you brush her face. The way she hugs your back. And how being together is the giddiest you've ever been. The hand holding and the way he looks at you when you talk. Love. Capture it.

The fresh wrinkles. The new baby smell. The way you can't get over how ridiculously adorable your new bundle is.  And the itty bitty eyelashes that just peak out over their round little cheeks. The stretches and yawns. Back wrinkles. The only time back wrinkles are cute. Yea, I love that. New life. Capture it.

If I get the pleasure of capturing you, I am honored. It brings me the greatest joy to watch your family grow.

My sweet family, by Charity Joy

My sweet family, by Charity Joy