10 Must-Do's in Waco

If you're a Fixer Upper fan, this post is for you! If not, you can stick around for some pretty pics, or maybe learn something about a place you've probably never been. It's a gem of a small town and I'd go back in a heart beat. 

1. Magnolia Market & Bakery- I love Fixer Upper, but mostly I love Chip & Joanna. It's one of the few shows on tv, that is wholesome and I can relate to the people. So ever since they opened this gem, I've been wanting to go. If I lived in Waco, I'd spend an obscene amount of time here. It was just that beautiful and completely peaceful. Everyone that works there is SO HAPPY. They ask to take your pictures, strike up engaging conversations and there is always someone two feet away if you need help. I was in heaven. I also took a ridiculous amount of pictures. It was very Instagram worthy.

We hit of the bakery bright and early for some coffee and breakfast and then stayed for lunch, choosing from two(MiloWaco and Club Sandwich) of the 10 food trucks they have on property. It was SOOOOO good!! Sat under the large covered patio and enjoyed the music. 

The market is TO DIE FOR! It's staged like an art show. Each corner is so meticulously designed and put together. I couldn't believe some of the things they did. I walked around for a good hour just in awe and got plenty ideas for our new house. Everything white and black? Mmmkay!! So so classy! 

It was most definitely worth the trip!

2. Harp Design Co- Again, you have to have seen Fixer Upper to know what this store is. Joanna's go to wood worker is Clint Harp and this is his store. I LOVED THIS STORE!! Although small, they fit tons of unique, simple, rustic items, that I just loved. I didn't take any pro pics here so here's a sampling from my phone. It's also right next door to Harp's home that was featured on Fixer Upper's 2nd season. It's super cute and it available for rent on AirBNB. 

3. The Spice Market- This was not something we knew about before going. But we LOVED it! It was two blocks from our hotel so we walked there twice. This place is just a gem! It's a year round market, full of Waco, TX souvineres and local boutiques of every kind. There's over 60 vendors and we really enjoyed all of them. We picked up hats and shirts for our kids here. 

4. Dr. Pepper Musuem- Magnolia and Dr. Pepper in the same town, yessir! I was obnoxiously excited about this (just ask my husband) and I LOVED it! It's a fabulous museum and we learned lots about soda in general. It was also very kid friendly and my kids would have loved it. We particularly loved the it was originally called Crazy Water and loved the old fashion sign about how good it was for you, ha! It's walking distance from Magnolia, so hit up Magnolia in the morning and head to the museum in the afternoon. 

5. The Suspension Bridge- This was right across the street from our hotel, so it was our first stop. I had never seen or been on one and it was so neat. It's a popular place for pictures and for college students, who toss tortillas onto a platform in the water.  Such a fun and interesting tradition! 

6. COFFEE!!!- My husband and I have become coffee junkies. So we hit up two spots that we heard were good.. Dichotomy (Chip's favorite) and Common Grounds (Joanna's favorite). Both were super different little shops. Dichotomy is downtown and Common Grounds is on Baylor Campus. I realized Joanna and I were soul sisters after having her favorite coffee and it's one of the best I've ever had. So good! If I was able to go back, I'd pick Common Grounds EVERYDAY!

7. FOOD!!!- We really enjoyed our food at Magnolia the best. The bakery and food trucks were DELICOUS! We also ate at Ninfa's, Torchy's, and Twisted Root Burger Co. We REALLY loved Torchy's. Taco's are our jam so this hit the spot. It doesn't surprise me that a quick service was our favorite, we are definitely low key and frugal. I'm sure you've heard of it, as it's a franchise, but we had never been and loved it! Hope to hit it up in other cities too!

8. Hey Sugar- We stopped here for some treats. This is an old fashioned candy and soda pop store in downtown Waco. The back room is lined with vintage soda's. This will blow your mind. I didn't know there were that many brands and flavors. 100's and 100's of them. We found Sioux City Sarsaparilla and Howdy, among many others. Then grabbed some old fashioned candy for the kids and some chocolate truffles for our birthday treat. 


9. The Findery- This is a block away from Magnolia, so we took a detour on our way back to the car for this store. This was super fun and had really unique items. Although a little pricy for us, we enjoyed walking around. We also found a fanning mill with my name on it. We did some research and it's probably from Lindsay Corp. based in Omaha. How cool is that! It also has the best Waco mural in the back, so it's worth the walk from Magnolia for an quick instagram pic, if nothing else :)

10. Baylor Campus- So although we didn't tour the campus, I sure wish we would have. It looked gorgeous and found out some cool things on campus we would have enjoyed, after the fact. The Museum and the stadium looked like must see's for next time. 

I'll definitely be back to hit up all these great spots again, as well as, Chip and Joanna's new restaurant, Magnolia Table. 


-The town closes down on Sunday's. So plan accordingly. 

-Magnolia is VERY busy Friday, Saturday, and Monday. So if you don't like crowds or waiting in line, avoid these days. 

-Two days is probably a good amount for the quant town. Or a quick trip if you live close. Everything is fairly close and easy to get to. We enjoyed a few days there with 80 degrees and some much needed relaxation by the pool. 

Have you been? What was your favorite?